Dougal is adopted

Hi, my name is Dougal but, my foster mum calls me Doogie or when I am being cheeky, she calls me Doogie the Doofus…esp when I just wag my tail at her and come running with my lanky legs to get my cuddles and pats with her.  I am only 9 months young, and I am a Beaglier with loads of love, life and energy.  

I have come into BRQ’s care due to my hooman mummy wanting what is best for me. I was a companion furry friend for my 7 yr old hooman brother who has Aspergers and ADHD, but lately he has been drifting away from me… and my mum has been trying to make up for it but I know she is struggling between work, my brother and my hooman Nanna. 

I am the happiest furry friend you will ever meet, I am friends with everyone… I can be little shy, cautious and submissive at first but then we are friends furever!  I love hoomans big and small, all types of furry but not those feathery things. Mind you, I don’t have a mean bone in my body, and have no idea what to do with them the few times I have caught them in the backyard.  At my foster home, I have 2 Beagles to play with, and when I have exhausted them I go and play with small furry thing that my foster mum says is a “Cat” but it looks like a tri colour beagle to me… she is such a tricker! 

I love life, I am open minded, love adventure and I am up for anything… hmmm sounding like a creepy tinder profile. Let me explain better, I love life and everything in it, I am adventurous, I don’t mind getting dirty and playing anywhere with anyone, and I enjoy going to the dog parks and getting social, I love jumping in the car and going for short and long drives, I even road tripped it to Dubbo with my hoomans once for a holiday, I also love going for walks to anywhere, although I need a little training when it comes to walking on four legs… I tend to get super excited and try to run on two feet like my hoomans… although I do walk better when my halter is on. 

I am crate trained, I am toilet trained… I even pee on command now, I also have some basic manners and know some commands like “sit, stay, and eat” for my meal times. I don’t scoff my food, but don’t get me wrong I love my food… I love to chew my goat horns, cow hooves and those dental tasty bones… I LOVE my toys, tug of war, fetch, and I can even throw my own toys around and play… 

Like any male, I do have a few faults/bad habits… Snoring is one of them, and at times I can clear a room with my fluffies… although sometimes, my foster dad blames me when foster mum gets cranky at him. 

I like to dig, my hooman mummy says I like to garden, you know repot plants or make holes in the garden, not that I have yet at my foster mummies house but that could be due to me having two beagle besties to entertain me, I have a slight fetish for socks, shoes etc… but come on, what Beagle doesn’t I say, unless you ask my foster mum as she says Maggie and Moose don’t. I also like to chew, nothing too destructive though, esp when i have my goat horns, cow hooves etc… Now, if you ask my foster dad, he says like any female, my other habit is talking, ALOT! including having the last word with my foster mummy. (secretly she loves it, she says it’s cute) 

I have no escaping issues, no destructive behaviour, no excessive barking etc… although yes I am still a puppy and have a lot to learn, will you teach me ?? I promise to snuggle up with you, to cuddle and let you pat and rub my belly… I love my baths, I am fine with loud noises like storms etc. I don’t like being left alone, but I quickly settle with my kong filled with treats, and my toys etc… 

I am pretty perfect really, so lets sum ME up, I am friendly, energetic, affectionate, tactile, loyal and I just love to please you (I feed off positive feedback). I love running around, playing fetch, tug of war, going for walks, cuddling on the couch, lying in the sun, and playing with my toys.  I am now all vetted and ready to go, I come microchipped, desexed, vaccinated and up to date with all my Flea/Tick/Worming treatments. 

Please email us at for an application and more details… any questions also include. 

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