Benji is adopted

LOOKING for FOSTER TO ADOPT – please help us help this little guy!

Put your paws 🐾 together and please welcome our new friend to the hound hood… I will let him introduce himself and tell his story. 🐶

Howl you doing? My name is Benji and I am a young 12 yr old, who happens to be a Beaglier.  I have packed my bags 👜and leaving 🏡home… I hardly expected to be house hunting at my age, but… due to my hoomans working A LOT and yes ok, I may sorta, kinda have a little baggage to deal with, but who doesn’t? Maybe you can relate, I am taking my meds like a good boy.  It may be a case of “it’s them not me”, or is it more “it’s me and not them”??? Let’s not play the blame game… no matter what, I am entering the world of foster care and this is my last chance to find a loving forever home. So, sniffing my butt is the quickest way to my heart! What’s yours? 👃❤️🐶

I am a gorgeous, smoochy dog with loads of love still to give spite the grey hair. I am great with all kinds of hoomans, I am house, and toilet trained, as I am an inside doggy only… wherever you are, I am, like a creepy old man… 👀I love to “watch” my hoomans and just be with you, no matter if it’s in the office, I am happy to sleep at your feet, under the desk or at the pub/cafe, or on the couch 🛋 catching up on Stan and Netflix shows, I am up for whatever.  I’m looking for someone who understands that, at some point in my life, I did time in the clink and didn’t have a lot to my name… 💔😪 I am now finding it difficult with confidence, I have a fear of other dogs, and I am also dealing with separation anxiety. But with a little trust, patience you will find I am the most loyal, loving companion you will ever meet… I mean seriously, with my blend of the two biggest sookiest lap dogs, you will never have a cold lap, feet or heart again! 🤗

Whilst gaining confidence, and learning to trust furries, gaining skills in socialization and my new environment… can I be the only furry in your life? Can you also be home a lot… maybe retired, maybe a stay at home mum, maybe work from home? In exchange, I will be the most perfect companion who has the best manners, I don’t bark excessively, I only like to chew my toys 🧸 and treats, I am a quiet, natured foodie looking for the same who also loves long beagly straight (not) walks along the parks or wherever we go. I haven’t been cat tested, don’t mind the odd cow 🐄 though… possums and Ibis’ are for chasing, so I am guessing cats 🐈might be for chasing too… unless you have one of those snarly cats that swipe back! 

I walk really well on lead, I do like to sniff things though, both beagle and Cavvie do that sort of thing… I am great in the car, I sit perfect still in the backseat with my seat belt on… 🚗 like I mentioned before, total foodie… favourite game is my Kong and Treasure hunting for food that my owners will scatter or hide around the home… my other favourite things to is sleep, and watching what my humans are doing. I can be a little timid and shy, I don’t like thunder storms, nor do I like baths or getting my nails done… 🛁 leave it to the experts! I love a good massage though, pat me, touch me, rub my belly… wow that was also a little creepy, but you like it! 

Please don’t judge me till you meet me, as stated before… 🤗🥰🐶💔 this is my last chance to find love, to find a furever home that I can retire in! Trust me, I have loads of love to give, I have loads of energy still…Will you be that hooman that I call my own?  Now, your turn to introduce yourself… so send the team a message with your email address and fill in the appropriate forms to allow me to be your number one love of your life!  As usual, I come with everything done.. all my vaccinations, I will be up to date with all my heartworming, worming, flea/tick preventatives, I am already desexed, and will be vet checked etc. My adoption fee… there is none! Due to my age and my baggage I am seriously just looking for my last hope of a good, loving, spoiling furever home! 

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