Billy is adopted

Hi, my name is Billy…

Unfortunately, I have found myself in foster care due to my family not having the time to give me and help me learn how to be a big boy with loads of manners and not have too many of those Beagly negative traits everyone keeps shaking their heads at! Once you get to know me, I assure you… you will fall in love with me and want to celebrate all my birthdays with me! 

Besides my good looks, my charm and my adorable loving personality… I am also a gentle loving and playful pup! I love to play, I am super social with all kinds of humans.. big or small new or old.. just as long as they too say hi to me. I have lived with kids aged 4 and 2 and just love running around the yard and playing with them. Also, love meeting and socialising with all other furries, although I am a little shy and timid at first… I tend to growl but that is me just feeling a little scared, once I feel comfy I am fine… my foster carers are taking me to the doggy park and on lots of walks to help me with my social skills and become more confident. I walk like a typical Beagle on lead… sniffing and must get to wherever it is now! 

I am a very tactile, touchy, feely kinda Beagle, I love cuddles and pats, I come running up to my foster humans and jump all over them for those extra pats… esp now that I am inside with my foster carers, I cannot get enough of that attention you humans talk about… don’t mind a bath with candles… but don’t invite me to the mani and pedi days, I’ll decline every time! I am fine with storms and loud noises, my favourite games are chasing a ball, fetch, running around and just living life! 

I tend to get bored by myself in the yard all alone, so I would love a furry sibling or an active family to spend time with…or even a family who allowed me inside to snuggle on the couch, play with me, let me love you! At the moment I am inside and I have a furry foster brother… WOAH it’s like heaven here, my foster brother and I run around the house like it’s a race track… we are super fast, the humans have to watch their knees as we only see them when we run into them.


I love being with my humans, but I wasn’t allowed inside, so I needed house and toilet training but I am super smart and I am already learning quickly with my foster humans… so I should be ready by the time we meet and greet.  Apparently, I can be a little cheeky and dig holes, chew things I am not allowed, help with gardening and repot plants… BUT in my defence, nothing has actually been proven and I was alone in the backyard… I have had some training, and I loved it… but my humans didn’t have the time to continue the training …I do have some basic manners that I have remembered and I can also be left home alone, as I tend to just sleep loads… 

I am yet to visit the doggy doctor, as soon as I do… I will be ready to mingle and find my humans who will spend time with, love me and allow me on the couch to chill and watch movies… I’m a rom com kinda beagle.. but if my doggy friends ask.. action all the way!  

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