Boomer is adopted

Hey there, wanna here a joke? 

What does a dog and a phone have in common? They both have collar ID  hahahahahaha 

Now that I have your attention, I’m Boomer the Beagle and I have just turned 1. Howl yeah! Happy Birthday to me! I have a brother who is also coming into care, but for our own good… we are trialing it in separate foster homes. 

Let’s get the formalities over and done with first hey, we have come in to the foster system due to no fault of our own. Long story short… it was a ‘them not us kinda relationship breakup’, it’s a little personal and would prefer to not dwell on the past! I am sure you would prefer to talk about me, I know I like to talk about me! My brother will talk about himself in his own profile… this one is all about me, not him! 

I understand that BRQ’s supporters have had some non Beagly Beagles lately to adopt…well, guess what? I am not one of those non Beagly Beagles.. I am ALL Beagle, smart, energetic and a wee bit cheeky (But remember I have only just turned 1).  If you have the experience with my kind and have loads of love, patience and strategies to channel my energy and intelligence you will have the most loyal, loving and obedient doggy in the years to come.. as you know it’s a two way street! 

Ok, so let’s talk about those Beagly puppy traits that I may deny at times… apparently I dig, dig under fences and escape, but is that because I am bored and need more stimulation in my life? It might be, as I haven’t since in foster care. Some will also tell you that I chew things… but no one has evidence. If it’s the those beds they are referring to, they have all been the same type that you see on facebook that suddenly explode in front of my Beagle furiends… you hoomans should complain to the manufacturing companies! I will also mention that I love spending time with my hoomans but I wasn’t allowed inside very often, so my foster mummy is helping me with house and toilet training, but I is smart and I’m sure it won’t take me long to learn… and then we can snuggle and catch up on all our favourite shows on Foxtel, Netflix and Stan… Let’s find out together if Jon Snow will rule the 7 kingdoms. 

Back to talking about me, besides my good looks, my sweet boy charm and my adorable loving somewhat cheeky personality…I am super easy going, I am well behaved and have had some training already in my foster home..  I love to socialise, I am great with all sized hoomans, I get excited and playful. I am also great with my doggy furiends, I love to play.. but at first I can be a little shy, My favourite games are Tug of War, Fetch and chasing my friends, but once I am finished I am happy to just laze around with you either outside or inside on the couch!  I love going for walks, I walk well on lead, I can even commando crawl for fun… I like to keep things interesting! I also love visiting parks to play and catch up on the goss with my furiends. Cat friendly? What is a cat? I have basic manners, I don’t like those things with wheels but I travel well sitting on the backseat. 

As mentioned before, I can be a little shy and can scare easily… I take a little time getting used to new things, and if I get too scared.. I may sorta kinda run and hide between your legs, hey don’t judge me… be my hooman that helps me as I am sure you also have baggage that I can help you with! If you ask my foster mummy, she will tell lies about me being scared of the plants in the yard, if they touched me or I brush past them… I jumped! She even has some silly story about me being scared of the computer screen scrolling.. but again there is no proof! 

Ok, more about me… I’m ok in storms, but I don’t like noisy machines like Lawn Mowers, I don’t mind a bath.. but don’t ask me to sit still. I love my food.. haha yes no shock there, but here is a shocker for you… I don’t scoff my food, I am a slow eater as I like to enjoy my food. 

So, if you like getting caught in the rain… like Pina Colada’s, hahaha kidding..I’m under age! But seriously, if you like going for walks not in a straight line… love the beach, but only shallow water, loves snuggles and cuddles I am the boy for you! I need to visit the doggy doctor to make sure I am fully vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and up to date with all my heart worm, worming and flea/tick treatments… Once this is completed I will be ready to meet my humans and doggy friends out in the big wide world! Please contact the crew at BRQ at so they can start the process of finding me my special furever home. My adoption fee is $1100 and this includes all vet visits, health checks, desexing, vaccinations, heart worm testing and all preventives.

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