Bowser is adopted

Hi, my name is Bowser & I’m 14 months young. I have entered the big wide world of Rescue due to no fault of my own. Long story short… it was a ‘them not me kinda relationship breakup’, it’s a little personal and would prefer to not dwell on the past! I am sure you would prefer to get to know me, I know I would love to find a loving, spoiling furever home where I can be inside and with my hoomans who I will be super loyal too…just ask my foster mums!
As you are aware, I already have a profile but the rescue coordinator made a little boo boo and based it on my previous life in my original home…🏡 I have been surprising everyone by not being a Beagle with loads of those ‘ummm mahhh’ traits,😲 my foster mum up north… my foster mum in Brisbane, and even when I went on trial, the family I hung out with for a little while (I had to come back from my trial due to one member being allergic to doggies) all agree that I am doing very well and I am NOT escaping, NOT digging, NO barking, NOT scoffing my food, or chewing things I shouldn’t.. although there was the mysterious case of the exploding bed… but no proof it was me, you need to know, there are other Beagle suspects that I could name, but I won’t due to the fur code!!!  SO, I get a DO OVER! 🐶🎉🎉

My foster mummy says that I have a gorgeous nature, love snuggles, massages and love a good ear cleaning…my foster mummy says I am a weirdo, clearly she doesn’t get a decent ear cleaning…so she can’t judge till she experiences one.  I do have loads of manners, but still learning that 🐾 paws do not help themselves on kitchen benches or dinner table… I am responding well to a whistle in the yard and my name, but only when I am not too busy helping my other hoomans… I forget to turn my ears on sometimes…hello, I am a Beagle! Toilet and house training are going very well, I am loving being inside, spending time with my hoomans is the best esp. snuggling on the couch 🛋 watching your favourite shows. I am still a little timid and shy around new things and new people but can you blame me.. I am a little out of sorts due to being in the foster system, but my foster fur siblings are helping me learn so much! oh and you need to know that I’m enjoying taking my foster hoomans for a walk, they are learning to walk faster and not in a straight line…have faith, they will get there! (remember I am a beagle, we don’t do straight lines, and I must smell everything NOW!) Foster mummies are helping me learn to take the time and smell the roses, slowly! 👃🌹

Let’s get real for a minute… I know what you are all thinking, yes I was accused of those  😈beagly traits… BUT, If you didn’t want a Beagle, understand a Beagle’s cheeky traits, or have the patience to deal with us gorgeous fur things… wouldn’t you be over at the Cavalier Rescue page? So, I will admit that yes, I dig, but these days I bury my  🐓necks, or my foster mummy caught me trying to bury my 🐄 hoof and 🐐 horn, she quickly redirected me! Yes I dug to escape at my old house…I haven’t in my foster homes, yes I also chew things, don’t forget my age and that I’m willing to change for the right family 😉, is it that I was bored? alone in the backyard with little human contact day in day out, not allowed inside and needing/wanting attention? (UPDATE – clearly, a change of scenery has helped curve my beagly ways…I haven’t tried to escape whilst in my foster homes… I have loads of human and furry company and things to do!)

I love life, I love my hoomans.. 🥰 big and small ones, I really want to be a part of the family, where I will be spoilt, loved and snuggled and I promise to be loyal and snuggle you right back! I love to play with my furry kind esp the feline ones, the Cat here is feisty…🐈 she plays back with me even though she has claws that are ouchy… Once I feel comfortable, I am playful, outgoing and ready to mingle! My favourite place to mingle with furiends is the doggy park or at the beach. My favourite game is Tug of War, Fetch and chasing furiends…I would love a hooman or furry friend to play with, as it’s no fun tugging or waring on my own! My foster mum says I have an old gentle soul in a young Beagle body. I don’t like noisy machines… but fine in storms.  So, besides my boyish charm, good looks, I am easy going, quite chilled and a lovely nature who adores the cuddles and snuggles with my hooman, I love the beach… I love jumping the small waves, wanna run on the beach with me?  I don’t mind a good road trip, I traveled well from Gladstone area down to Brissy, I sit on the backseat with my seat belt on. I have basic manners and keen to learn more if you are willing to teach me! I refuse to admit that I like bath time, and will not sit still, I haven’t experienced a mani and pedi.. so unsure if I am for or against them but I am open minded and will to try anything…once 😉

I am ready to meet my furever family, I am super fit and healthy for my next adventure…with you! Bowser’s adoption fee is $750. Please contact the crew at BRQ so they can start the process of finding me my special furever home. Message us with your EMAIL 📧 ADDRESS to receive an adoption application.

Bowser and his foster family participated in the Million Paws Walk on the weekend… below are photos of before, about to & after the paws walk (I’m the one in the handsome cravat). Bowser was a very good boy & is still shy to some but generally a very friendly young man. He socialised really well with all types of canines, but turned to water when a Collie dog decided to barkyell with teeth at him. And as much as he wasn’t impressed with his bath afterwards, he still stood there with his good boy manners whilst being shampooed & rinsed.

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