Bronson & Chloe are adopted

Hi, our names are Bronson & Chloe and we are a super bonded pair of 7 yrs young Beagles. 

Through no fault of our own, we are needing a new home! Our original family have a human baby with Chronic illness, and our older human brother has heart problems, so Mum and Dad need to concentrate on them…  and now our foster family have small children and are needing to concentrate on them a little more, AND, ok ok ok, I do need to be a little more honest, little bit of why we need to come to BRQ is due to us escaping, digging and our chewing… but we can talk about those things later.  

So, lets get to know us… we are super loving, super friendly with all humans big and small, we are also super social and love to meet other doggie friends… but we are unsure of those feline things, I think mum said they are called Cats.. so yep we are NOT cat tested. Bronson loves to play chase and loves his toys, but I prefer to watch Bronson play and I chew my toys. Bronson and I love going to the beach, going for walks and we love socialising at the doggie parks… laying in the sun and sleeping. We also both love cuddles, snuggles and being brushed, touched and just loved up!! My brother is such a big goof ball, and I’m the calm one but we love each so much and we wouldn’t cope being apart. 

We are great with kids of all sizes and ages… especially our oldest human brother as he has Autism and we would both comfort him when he would have a melt down… our mum was super proud of us for helping him, but we just love all our siblings and no matter what we protect them. So, we could help with any other human needing special attention… 

Now, of course we have some bad habits and some learning to do… don’t we all? So, I’ll start with Bronson…, he will dig holes if confined in small areas, Bronson escapes if not Beagle proof, and I guess I will too but it’s only if I get anxious and cannot find my brother Bronson…. So, we both need Beagle proof yards, but don’t all Beagles??? After all, it’s no surprise as we follow our nose and like to be social.

Bronson does bark a little when in new places but this is normal behaviour for anyone getting to know their new surroundings etc and it doesn’t last long at all. I can bark but it’s only when and if I am frightened, as I am super scared of loud noises like storms, fireworks, lightening, etc. oh and fires. We are both not house trained or toilet trained for inside as we were not allowed inside of the house… so we are hoping BRQ and our new family will help us learn as we just love being with our humans… 

So, we are ready to be adopted, we are both now desexed, (Bronson wasn’t but is now and still recovering, needing his stitches out etc). Please contact the lovely ladies of BRQ for an application for our adoption as we all know we would make the best companions ever!! Our adoption fee is $350.

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