Chester is Adopted

Hey, I haven’t met you, so this sounds crazy, my name is Chester… adopt me, maybe?

I am a super handsome almost 4 yr old Beaglier who found his way in to the foster care system due to my family being incompatible with me. So, here I am looking for a new place to call home and of course I need a party for my birthday soon!

My owners explained to Aunty Lisa that I was anxious around strangers especially young children due to their unpredictable movements… and yes, I admit… it takes a bit for me to warm up to the big humans, I can be a little vocal about my concerns whilst backing away… about 5-10 mins later we are snuggling on the couch with popcorn and Netflix! Aunty Lisa, Aunty Allison and Aunty Amanda have not seen any anxiety with the small humans and has been helping by exposing me to human of all shapes and sizes in loads of different situations and environments, they are showing me loads of confidence and giving me patience. I overheard them all talking about it possibly being a misunderstanding of my owners and their own fears transferring on to me and that I would also become anxious – I just need exposure and socialisation strategies with a confident and understanding family to help me in the words of Elsa from Frozen… Let it go!  

So, a little bit about me… my hobbies include, sniffing, food, playing, sleeping and eating…. Surprised? No, you shouldn’t be as I am part Beagle after all, but don’t let that put you off… the good parts are all Cavalier, like snuggles, my favourite toys are fluffy ones…I love to snuggle them and not destroy them, have them thrown and a little wrestle with them.. and my playful nature as I love playing at the doggy park.  I enjoy long walks, short walks and walks to anywhere with you… but again don’t be surprised if I pull you here and there and over there and back here for that sniffy, wiffy smell! My other likes are chasing balls, toys with squeakers… I am a little obsessed with them, all toys are mine and I collect them in my bed, plus I also love chilling on the couch and I have a fascination for cow hooves and goat horns… 

I was definitely a spoilt fur member at my original home, so I and BRQ would prefer a home where I can be the same spoilt fur member I have become accustomed to be. I love my inside time, as much as I love my outside time… nice big backyard with loads of sniffing and wandering around, Maggie and Moose taught me how to treasure hunt in the backyard and I LOVE that game now… I like to know what is happening around the place, I also love my hooman time, couch time, comfy bed time, I’m a true homebody, who prefers to Netflix and chill over nights out on the town… I am toilet and house trained and just love being around you. I would love a furry sibling of the canine variety to play with, but I am also happy being centre of attention with my humans, as long as I am loved up and we go on adventures together! Love road trips, I sit perfectly in the back seat with my seatbelt on! I have come from a home with a cat, and Aunty Lisa has a cat too… I wuv to lick their faces and they love me back with a claw or two! 

As I am male, I do have a few bad habits, one of them being… things with wheels (scooters, bikes, skateboards etc) what is with those hoodlums on wheels, I let them know quite loudly that they should be using their perfectly good paws to run and walk on…lazy bums! Also bike bells, but who loves a bike bell dinging in your ear? 

My other habit I need to work on – as I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment esp as I have just come into care and visiting a few of the wonderful foster carers for assessments etc. when it comes to noises that I am not familiar with, I get a little vocal trying to find out what that noise is and should I be concerned with it. So, I need my new forever family to be patient, confident, understanding and of course loving to allow me to dump the baggage I have had and be free to be the champion I am destined to be! 

So, will you be my furever hooman? besides my good looks, my charm…. I don’t dig, chewing is just for those yummy treats you will give me or those cow/goat and deer thingy’s. I also don’t destroy things esp my toys… I want to celebrate my birthday in my furever home, so hurry and contact the lovely hoomans at BRQ with your email address for an adoption form to fill in and return… My adoption fee of $550 includes all vet work, check ups, up to date on all vaccinations, heart worm test & treatment & Intestinal worming, Flea & Tick treatments. 

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