Chester is adopted

Hi my name is Chester and I am a 10 month young Tan and White Beagle boy…

Through no fault of my own, no really.. it was them not me kinda relationship break up…has ended up in care with us at BRQ.

I am taller than the average Beagle… but who wants an average Beagle?? All the better to hug, snuggle and cuddle on the couch. I am also a gentleman when it comes to manners at meal times.. I don’t scoff my food, I enjoy my food, by tasting and chewing each mouthful… AND, I am gentle when taking a treat from my humans… see, what a catch!! But wait, it gets better.  I am super social, love to play, going for drives, going for walks, adventures and as I mentioned, I really like chilling out and watching whatever you want on that TV box as long as we are cuddling!!  I love to play with toys, and play games… esp the squeaky ones, I race around squeaking them, tossing them up into the sky and catching them… it’s a great game plus I don’t chew or break my toys like those ‘average’ Beagles. 

I sound too good to be true right? so, yes I have one or two faults… I am an opportunist, when the door is opened I get excited about a new adventure, or a smell and I shoot out the door. Maybe it’s because I am super curious about EVERYTHING, and as the saying goes.. Curiosity only kills Cats, right? 

When on lead and going for walks, I walk well on a lead. BUT… ummmmm when i see a friend, I kinda want to meet them, NOW!!!  So, you better hang on to that lead as I am strong. At bedtime, (10pm) i hope into my crate, and don’t stir till the morning when everyone else wakes up.. I also know the basic commands, and open to learn more. 

I am fearless, I am fast, I love to run … I sound like a super hero! My foster mum says i would be great at Lure Coursing (whatever that is, I just wag my tail at her). Oh and this will get the ladies, I like to look good, I like baths, dont judge me… I like to soak in a tub, groom myself and also my friends have to look good too so i help them by grooming them too… WOW I am the perfect man and wing man! 

I would prefer to not be the only furry friend in the family, as my friends are my world, I am super loyal and I love playing with my 4 foster furry friends. No surprise here, but my foster mum wants to keep me, although apparently she seems to think that 4 Beagles is enough… sounds like crazy talk to me, how can she resist me… oh well, I am available for you!  My adoption fee is $1200 and I come fully vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and flea/tick/worming preventatives as well as Heartworm tested. 

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