Elsie is Adopted

I’m just a dog 🐕 standing in front of an adoption family asking them to love her❣️ 

Hi, my name is Elsie… I’ll be 6 in October, but trust me I have the stamina of a youngen! I have danced my way in to the foster system due to those pesky Qld rental laws…my owners would love for me to find the bestest home ever! 🏡

So, let’s get to know one another over a bowl of Kibble and fresh water.. 🍵

I was hardly allowed inside, not walked, nor was I socialized with other furiends… so Aunty Lisa x 2 and Aunty Erin are helping me learn all about the inside world🌎, walking on lead and socializing me at doggy parks and with my foster fur siblings! According to the hoomans, I am excelling at all things doggy…I am walking really well on lead, doing amazing with my house training… still working on my toileting but we have faith in me. I am even learning to read and give social cues, trying to play with my furry foster sibling Baxter, but he is socially awkward too so it ends up being two dummies barking at each other! 

I am now discovering life with the hoomans inside the home 🏡, so, I would prefer to stay that way. Aunty Erin calls me the “Hugs-a-lot-beagle” 🧸 as I just love my hoomans, big and small, I love affection and being fussed over but don’t all us girls love those things… I just want to be with you…😜 now some of you would call that being a ‘stage 5 clinger’ but I prefer “enthusiastic sidekick”. You want loyalty, love and a life long partner to binge on Stan and Netflix… I am your girl! I also love getting out of the house, going on adventures… I’m great in the car, esp if we are going to all my favourite places like the beach and doggy parks.. I would go anywhere with you! 

I am cat🐈 friendly, I grew up with one, and two of my foster mums have kitties…I wuv to play with them, until they box 🥊 me with a claw or two!  I’m no girly girl when it comes to bath time or those Mani and Pedi’s, not big on either… I don’t mind storms and loud noises. I would love a furry brother or sister to play with, but I am also happy to have my hoomans to myself as long as they home more than out.. I love long, short, wiggly, no straight line walks… I walk ‘fantastic’ (according to Aunty Erin) on lead. 

I am sounding pretty perfect aren’t I… but as you know I am a beagle and I do have a few of those beagly traits, I have been known to escape by digging (not seen yet in foster care) and I did squeeze my slim beagly butt through a fence at my foster mummy’s house… But that’s it! I don’t bark excessively, I’m over the puppy stages of destruction, chewing etc… although i have discovered those Cow hooves, Goat horns and Deer antlers… they are divine 🐄🐃🦌

Off to the Vets this week, but I’ll pretend its the spa for the day… getting my toothy pegs all cleaned on Thursday… so will be ready once that is done to charm the pants off my new family.. contact the lovely hoomans at BRQ with your email address for an adoption form to fill in and return… My adoption fee of $550 includes all vet work, check ups, up to date on all vaccinations, heart worm test & treatment & Intestinal worming, Flea & Tick treatments. 

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