Hudson is adopted

Hi, my name is Hudson, my close furiends call me Huddy and I am an 18 month old Beagle boy with brown eyes that will melt your heart ❤️ !

Clearly if you are reading my profile, you know where I have ended up…. but please don’t feel sorry for me as I am in a better place now. Due to my owner having personal issues and me being shipped off to Grandma’s where her house was not suited to me, I ended up spending all my time outside. This lifestyle and my past resulted in a few issues being mistaken and misdiagnosed, they all gave up on me and put me in the ‘too hard basket’. 🧺 I haven’t wanted to appear on Facebook or the website until I knew I could clear my name with the help of my foster carers and Kylie from Dog Bizness, and we did! I was definitely undervalued and confused, as the hoomans in my life did not understand my breed, my needs and my wants in life. Will you? Will it be love at first sniff? 👃🥰🐶

Hey ladies, are your paws tired…because you have been running through my mind all day! How about I buy you are liver treat and get to know one another? I’ll go first… I am a super sweet, boofy boy who loves to cuddle, play and enjoy his hoomans… I have a playful streak, and love playing with my toys.. I can entertain myself for hours.. throwing the toys up in the air and catching them… but it gets lonely after awhile so I am looking for a furiend who is also into squeaky toy play 😜😜   to have some fun with. I also love a good game of Tug of War, Fetch and a good boxing/wrestle match with my favourite hooman. I am great in the car, love going for rides to wherever the nose takes us.. I am up for all sorts of adventures, love the dog park, going for walks and I think I would love the beach, sounds awesome from what my foster mum was describing… but really anywhere, as long as it’s with you.

Ok, let’s get real… due to my sheltered life and misunderstanding of me and my breed,  I am still learning the proper social cues and body language of hoomans and furries, life skills in our environments and I can get overwhelmed with excitement, so I may be more suited to older children for now, but I will flourish with love, training, patience and guidance in life experiences… sounds pretty typical right? I mean, after all I am a Beagle, and if you don’t want a Beagle… stop reading this and head over to the Cavalier Rescue page… trust me when I say, I have already won over my foster carers, they think I am completely irresistible… so, can you imagine with a little understanding and love, I will be HOWL yeah irresistible! I am already working on house and toilet training, I am already doing well with socialising and training with my foster carers and Kylie my PT… so it won’t take me long till we are snuggling on the couch 🛋 watching our favourite Marvel Movies or in the doggy park with my furiends sniffing butts and chasing tails! Also, now that I am finally getting love, attention, being a proper part of the family inside… I am a little vocal when you first leave me for the day or minute… but that is because I have finally had a taste of a real Beagle spoilt lifestyle and I don’t want it to disappear again…😬 I do settle and hang out with my foster siblings and chew my toys/teething sticks… my foster carer is a creep, and watches me via her ‘puppy cam’… she says its for you guys when you ask what I am like left alone at home, that may be true…I still think she is a creep, and needs to check the stalking laws in this state! 

Besides the itty bitty negatives above, I am not an escape artist (well unless someone silly opens the doors or doesn’t close the gates properly…I may slip past you to check out the big wide world), I am not a jumper of fences etc, I didn’t get the chance to dig in my non grass area and I haven’t tried digging at my foster mummy’s house, it took them a little while for me to even go on the grass in the beginning. I am not much for barking, unless of course someone comes to the door… but aren’t I meant to be the door bell for my hooman? I love to chew those dental sticks, cow hooves, goat horns and those tasty bones – yum! I am a cuddle bunny, I love pats, belly rubs and all that comes with a spoiling life! I think I deserve it.. don’t you? 

I had never met one of those feline 4 legged things, till my foster home… what is the deal with them anyway? it looks like a beagle, it has 4 legs, a tail that wags.. but those nails… in my face… ummm NO! I am kinda sorta brave to sniff it, sniff its bum… but anything else… I will pass on to the others! I love soaking in the tub, haven’t had the privilege of a mani/pedi… Oh and besides creepy, my foster mum is also a food nazi… and has me on a diet.. she is so cold and mean.. even my big brown eyes won’t melt that witch! 👀🦴

I’m visiting the doggie doctor 👩‍⚕️ at the moment due to coming into foster care with a nasty ear infection in my both ears, but once I am super fit and healthy, I will be keen to meet and greet my new cuddly family, please email me on to receive an application, so we can get the process started. My adoption is $750 and it covers all Health check ups at the Vet, Desexing, Microchipping, Vaccinations, and up to date Flea/tick and worming preventatives.

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