Jazzy is adopted

Looking for love? Well, so am I! Hi, my name is Jazzy, 🐶

I’m 2.5 years young with an old soul kinda personality and I have the biggest brown eyes 👀 that will melt your heart. I guess you know where I am, since I’m now talking to you lovely hoomans, but it’s due to no fault of my own, I swear! My hoomans are going overseas, it was a very tough decision for them but they just want me to have the best life ever! 🏡🥰🐶

As you all know the 🌎 world revolves around the furry members, so, let’s get to know me.  I’m a bubbly, gorgeous girl who is super sweet and full of personality… you won’t find an aggressive bone 🦴in this gorgeous body. I love to socialise with all sorts of hoomans and the canine furries…I just love, love 💗! I am an old soul, I am not one of those Beagles that carries on like a crazy furry 🤪, I am more easy going, laid back, go with the flow kinda gal!
I haven’t had much to do with the feline variety in the past, but, I have met my foster hooman’s cat 🐱and she is NOT furiendly, I repeat, NOT furiendly… I will bark and growl at her, but I DO NOT get too close to those nasty claws she has.

I love to take long wiggly walks to anywhere, I love adventures to the beach and the doggy parks… socialising is the best, I love all doggy furiends and I am looking for a furiend who is also into toy play 😜 to have some fun with.. my favourite games are… fetch with tennis balls and tug of war with rope toys… are these yours too?? 😜

I love my inside time, as much as I love my outside time.  I have lovely doggy manners, I am house trained and of course I know the difference between carpet and grass for toileting… 🏡 I would love and prefer a furever home where I am allowed inside and very much part of the family as I am accustomed to this lifestyle and I am extremely affectionate and love nothing more than cuddling on the couch 🛋 or smooching in the bed with my hoomans while they catch up on all their favourite shows. 📺

Storms scare me and I prefer to be inside when thunder is clashing and banging… I like warm baths 🛁, but, I need to trust my hooman before I receive a mani/pedi 💅. I don’t make too much noise, I am over the chewing stage… 😇I may, kinda, sorta dig holes BUT not to escape (I haven’t dug a hole in my foster yard… yet) I love to lay in the cool dirt! I haven’t been on many road trips, so I can be a little nervous about getting in those things with wheels, I would appreciate some help in, but once I’m in I sit on the back seat nicely with my seatbelt on… just don’t feed me before our road trip unless you want to see my last meal again! Apparently, it’s rare for beagle to not scoff their food, but hey, I am a lady after all… but please leave me be whilst I enjoy my bone or treat… I can be a little fussy with treats too.

I have only just arrived in to my foster carer’s home, so please bear with me whilst my carers and I get to know each other. I also have to go and bat my eyelids at the Vet and Nurses at Clontarf, so I can make sure I am fit and healthy and up to date with everything, I also have to be desexed… so that will take some time.  Please contact the crew at BRQ so they can start the process of finding me my special furever home 🏡. Message us with your email address to receive an adoption application. Jazzy’s adoption fee is $750. Jazzy is yet to be de-sexed, as she has just come off heat, will need to wait 4 weeks till this is possible.


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