Jetson is adopted

Hi, my name is Jetson, I am an 18 month old Beagle boy with brown eyes that will melt your heart 💙 Clearly if you are reading my profile, you know where I have ended up…& no it’s not Kansas Toto! My current owners rescued me about a year ago from the unknown & I was not in a good way 😢 They treated me so well, some would say a little too well… & now I am being my typical Beagly self with a little extra Beagly Beagle 😈 my furents are not coping too well with those beagly traits, with my now Beagly self coming out more, I end up spending most of my time outside. This lifestyle & my past before being rescued, resulted in a few issues being mistaken & misdiagnosed, so, they have decided to let someone who understands me better, give me a forever home. I haven’t wanted to appear on Facebook or the website until I knew I could clear my name with the help of my foster carer & Kylie from Dog Bizness, & we did! I was definitely confused, as the hoomans in my life did not understand my needs and my wants in life. Will you? Will it be love at first sniff? 😍My foster mummy says, yes I am a typical Beagle with a few of those Beagly traits… but I am also flourishing in foster care with some, if not most of these traits disappearing with some strong love & a different environment.🏡

So, how about I buy you a liver treat & we get to know one another? I’ll go first… I am a super sweet, goofy boy who loves to run, play, I love my food, & I love hoomans, big & small giving me all the attention, pats, cuddles & ear rubs. I love life, I am open minded, love adventure & I am up for anything… hmmm sounding like a creepy tinder profile. Let me explain better, I love life and everything in it, I am adventurous, I don’t mind getting dirty & playing anywhere with anyone, I enjoy going to the dog parks & the beach too. I love games like “find it, treasure hunting”, Tug of War & running around but my all time favourite thing to do is smooching with my hoomans.. I am great in the car, love going for rides to wherever the nose takes us.. 🚙I’m pretty relaxed about loud noises, storms & getting a bath. I love snuggling on the couch or the bed with you whilst we catch up on 10 play📺. I am toilet & house trained, I am cat tested but I think I would prefer to not have a feline sibling as I am an anti cat smoocher! I also think due to my past of not having a good start, nor did I have loads of attention & training…I struggle with trusting life & struggle sharing my hoomans… therefore, I may prefer to be the only furry in the home. BUT, as I am only 18 months old, and recently desexed… I could learn to be ok with a furry sibling with strong love, guidance, structure, training & stability like all kiddies & doggies need at this stage and age.  

Okay, let’s talk about those Beagle traits that have seen me enter your world… I was a little bossy with my furry sister, as I mentioned to you, I didn’t like to share the attention, but now I have 2 foster siblings & I am not getting away with the whole bossy business! My foster mummy is teaching me right from wrong… it’s okay to share the love! I may or may not, dig… but it’s not for escaping, more like “hmmm there is something smelly there, I must see what that is”, I may bark a little, but typically to talk to you or whilst playing with my foster brother & sister.. I tend to jump, high…especially at dinner time, or when we get visitors! My foster mummy is working on all these things and says that I am easy to train & I will be the perfect doggy soon! 

I would love a family who has loads of time to spend with me, I would love some hooman kiddies to run & play with…& where I am a big part of the family inside the home, so I can learn to trust & be myself in a safe, loving, spoiling, furever home!  I am located on the Sunshine Coast ☀️. I have visited the Dogtor 👩‍⚕️ for all my checks, & I am ready for meeting, greeting & smooching my new hoomans. Let the girls know if you are interested in getting to know me better, leave your email address so they can send you the forms. My adoption fee of $750 includes all vet work, check ups, up to date on all vaccinations, heart worm test & treatment & Intestinal worming, Flea & Tick treatments. 


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