Lemmy is adopted

For our next beagle to strut their stuff down the foster dogwalk…. Paws up for our gorgeous blondie 👱‍♀️ Lemmy. 

Now, Lemmy has asked her foster mummy to write this, as she is very nervous & shy… Lemmy has only just come in to our care, & the reason she has entered our lovely establishment is that her owner is needed to look after her hooman kids in Sydney due to illness. Her owner had only just rescued Lemmy about 4 weeks ago, before finding out that she needs to relocate for awhile… she was devastated to have to make this decision, but her owner did her research, not wanting to hand her over to anyone, knowing Lemmy is a special kind of Beagle… we don’t mean the window licking special kind either… She chose us, drilled me with questions before I collected Lemmy, & the deal was (as always) to keep her updated with photos & her progress whilst in care & when adopted (which we do anyway). Now, where Lemmy was before, is a sad, sad 😢😞 place to be… as it caused her to be TOO busy breeding to be able to live any sort of life… this is why she is super sensitive, super shy with everyone & everything & needing to learn about EVERYTHING that life has to offer 💔😢 

Lemmy is the sweetest, little Lemon Beagle girl.. who is 6 years young & once she gets to know you, her tail is constantly wagging & her smile is always bright! Lemmy’s profile is based on her owner’s knowledge of only having her for the past 4-5 weeks, & the little time she has been in foster care with me.. We have no knowledge of her past except that she hasn’t lived a full Beagly life, due to being used for breeding & has had approx 4-6 litters. 🙄 

This precious pup loves to wonder around her surroundings (once she gets to know them and can trust them) she loves to sunbake & roll around in the garden, has been known to dig a hammock style hole to lay in the garden/dirt (hasn’t in our care though). She is toilet & house trained,  still learning that couches/beds/doggy beds/anything that isn’t a blanket on the floor is ok to step on, climb up on, lay on.. you get the picture… the poor thing (as you can see in the photos) appears to be only used to the blanket on the floor… We are doing our best, including Maggie & Moose to teach her that our couches & beds are her couches & beds…🛋🛏 we are getting there, & she is slowly beginning to trust her new foster environment (as you can also see from some of the photos). 🤗🥰

We were told that she gets a little nervy in the car, but we haven’t seen this.. I think, like everything, she just hasn’t experienced it enough… she sits beautifully in the backseat with her seatbelt on. We will be helping this by doing loads of fun trips to everywhere.. parks, dog parks, Bunnings, yes the vets, the beach & friends houses… showing her that car rides are for fun things too! 🚗

Lemmy is learning manners, learning to socialise & play with Maggie & Moose, she has no idea about toys or playing… she is great to walk on lead, loves to get out and about – there is no typical beagle naughty traits as she sadly never got the chance to be…. so, no extra digging, no escaping, no destructive behaviour, no excessive barking (Matty and I haven’t even heard her bark once- unsure if she has a bark..) & no aggression at all. Food – typical beagle, but no aggression etc. actually it’s the opposite, if you stand or go too close to where she is eating her dinner… she backs away & won’t eat! Is loving positive praise, soft voices, slow movements, calm environments, positive attention, is responding well to love, snuggles, cuddles, pats …anything spoiling! We believe whole heartedly, that Lemmy hasn’t seen any kindness, spoiling, love or anything positive… just seen as a business transaction 🤑🤯💰

 Lemmy is nervous & will back away when meeting hoomans big and small, any sort of furry and really anything and everything…😬😢 to be honest, it appears her human, furry & everything interaction was never positive as she certainly doesn’t trust easily.. especially males (takes a little extra time). This is changing with soothing voices, positivity everywhere & loads of kindness, love & spoiling 🤗😍. She is the MOST precious, sweetest & happiest of all Beagles I have met. Once she has settled, learns to trust you, & is comfortable in her FUREVER home… she is going to be super loyal, super loving & I am putting money on that there may be some cheekiness to come out… (but, like the shampoo ad, it won’t happen over night) I mean she is a Beagle after all! I say this as, we have seen a little here & there… in the little time she has been with us, she is slowly coming out of her shell more  & more each day…acting like a beagle, like a furry…should be! Lemmy is now cat tested, was scared of Poppet.. but is slowly gaining confidence to sniff her! 

Lemmy didn’t want me to tell you this, but as I explained to her..most humans & even some doggos do it… Lemmy snores, a little at random moments mostly at night.. but as I also expressed to her, nothing to be embarrassed about. At least it isn’t as loud as her foster daddy, & we laughed & laughed & laughed! Lemmy’s adoption fee is $550 and she will be adopted with all vaccinations up to date, desexed, up to date with all flea/intestinal worming and tick preventatives, heartworm tested and treated, all vet checks etc. Due to Lemmy’s temperament, we are looking for a specific furever home where she can continue to flourish and become an even more beautiful Beagle that she is already!


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