Lenny and Penny are adopted

Hi, my name is Penny and my brother’s name is Lenny… we are 6.5 years young!

We have come into care with BRQ due to our Beagle negative traits over riding the positive ones… ok ok ok, we are escape artists and we are bloody good at it! Of course I am the brains behind all operations, Lenny is the brawn… he is always getting caught. I am also the boss of the two of us… If Lenny gets into trouble from mum, I will also go and growl in his ear at the same time. Lenny seems to deal with it quite well, bottles it up and when he has had enough of me, then he lets me know who is REALLY the boss around here… or that’s what I have him believe… sometimes men just need to express themselves as men… but we all know I have his balls.  

We really do love each other, we do most things together, and we play super well together, the humans think it’s cute to watch… Lenny is more into those doggy games, and toys etc we both do like our Kongs esp when filled with yummy treats. We both love it when our humans hide chicken necks around the yard and we have to hunt them down. Whilst Lenny is being all doggy like, I will watch and get all the pats and cuddles from the humans. Because the humans are all mine, i just love them… I will sit on their feet or better still if i can, sit on their laps forever.. nothing wrong with cuddles on the couch all day is there??? 

We both love going for walks, we love the beach and going for a swim but no to showers and no to bath time… like most beagles, we cannot be off leash, although I do have a good recall skills but not Lenny, if he gets his sniff on, plus being male… that selective hearing kicks in! 

We are both very food orientated, and our manners and basic commands magically appear when food is around. Lenny prefers raw meat, I prefer mine cooked, but are pretty easy for whatever is put in front of us. Lenny has a fear of storms, he gets quite anxious and will want to be inside. Generally we are outside dogs, as I have a fetish for socks/undies and our humans close all doors as I like to take things, anything to bury… 

So, our escaping – yes it is an issue… we can and will dig, quite well and fast too… some of the holes we have escaped through defy logic, my human watched me once as I rotate my body to get through it. We also chew through the wire, so wire fences is no good.. Wood fences, we have chewed also, and forget electric fences, we can get around, under and through those too! yep we are talented.. more so determined! 

So, we need 6foot fences made of Colobond, cement, rock/stone… etc. with a concrete mowing strip under neath the fence so we cannot dig under… the one positive is we don’t or in my case, can’t jump over fences. 

Or better still, we would love our humans to be at home with us, possibly if you can work from home, or a stay at home mum, a retired couple, or one that only did short hours, or even if we could go to work with you? 

We want Lenny and Penny to go to a furever home, we are NOT CHARGING an adoption fee. These two gorgeous oldies have been in foster care for a long time and they really deserve their own furever family. … We are a bonded pair and will not be split up…  Lenny has papers and is from a Breeder, Penny has no paper but both are purebred Beagles. We are vet checked and ready for our next adventure. Feel free to contact the lovely ladies at BRQ for an application form.

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