Major is adopted!

A gentlepaw looking for his furever pack… 🐾🐶

I am a friendly, well mannered and outgoing 4.5 yrs young Pedigree Beagle who loves, loves, loves a cuddle and is looking for a family that are cuddly too! My owner calls me “the most beautiful, caring, well-behaved doggie” who is just looking for love, for snuggles on the couch and loads of affection with my hoomans!! ❤️🛋

The reason I am coming in to the foster system is because of some of the above and also the selflessness of my hooman who wants me to have much, much more than I already do… don’t go all jumpy to conclusions… this is difficult for my hoomans, they love me and treat me very well… but, I want more… I want to be allowed inside, on that comfy couch with my cuddly family and they know this and want it for me too!! 🙂 I just need a little house training but my foster Mummy is already helping me with this.

So, shall we share a water bowl and get to know one another?? Beside, my gorgeous personality, friendly, loving, snuggly nature… I can be the class clown 🤡too, apparently this is what my hooman says but hey… who doesn’t want laughter and Beagle quirks in their life???? I am down to earth, and love everything and everyone no matter what size, age, furry or not furry. I also love my family and friends, as they are super impawtant to me! I have also lived with some older hooman kiddies and one of those feline things, although I am outside and it’s inside, I have sniffed it’s butt and I guess ‘it’s’ ok. I would love some furry siblings, but I also don’t mind if I am an ‘only furry’ as long as you have LOADS of love and time.

Let’s talk about some of those Beagly traits that I may or may not have… as mentioned above, I am an outside doggie, so I do need some house and toilet training for my impending inside lifestyle… Even though I am walked twice daily, I may get my sniff on and pull a little on lead. I enjoy bath time, but I am unsure of those Mani/Pedi’s that girls go on about. I travel fine in a crate in the car, but I don’t get in the car very often and when I do, it’s only for small trips…but I am super keen and open to all adventures… 🚙 It’s no lie, I am a true gentlepaw… 😇 as I am not a digger, chewer, or have any destructive behaviour, plus I do not excessively bark either! I do need help with some social skills, as when I was younger I was bitten at the doggy park by a bigger doggie so I haven’t been back to the doggy park, you will be happy to know though, I don’t have an aggressive bone in my body.  I need help with my excitement as I get a little jumpy but it’s only because I’m excited and eager to meet you all!!! There is not a lot that I do not like, my favourite thing to do is of course EAT… hahahaha I am a Beagle after all… I am a true foodie! So there you go, who wants to snuggle on the couch with me furever?? 🤗🥰🛋

*UPDATE* I have only been in foster care for 2 days now, and I have had to learn to use stairs, I’m now living with 2 furry foster siblings, and one of those feline things, now let me tell you… those things are scary! I’m slowly getting more and more brave and will now walk passed it, I also sniff it’s butt when it’s not looking… but as soon as it looks at me, I run the other way. I was a little timid when meeting my foster siblings, but they are teaching me to play and be more confident in myself and trust others! I enjoy car rides, I love to sit in the back seat with my seat belt on – my foster mummy had to check a few times, as she said I was super quiet and just sitting so still, but that’s good right? 🐾🐶

I have visited the vet, and apparently I need to lose some weight, esp to help me with my hips,  I am visiting again next week to get my teeth cleaned, and I need to stay out of the sun for a bit as I have a couple of little dermatitis spots that will clear up soon with some special cream my foster mummy is putting on me.

Once I get the all clear from the Vets, and up to date on all my vetting I will be super keen to meet and greet my new cuddly family, so message the committee and fill in one of those adoption forms if you like what you see… My adoption fee covers all Health check ups at the Vet, Desexing, Microchipping, Vaccinations, and up to date Flea/tick and worming preventatives.  Adoption Fee is $550

Major has found his forever home and is living his new life in Brisbane with his humans!

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