Mia is now adopted

Hi, my name is Mia & I’m a bouncy fun loving, 11 month old Beagle girl.

I am super friendly, I love life, I love everyone & everything & everybody is my friend… Cats, Dogs, humans big or small, I don’t care as long as there are willing to play with me.

I have loads of energy to keep you & I occupied & entertained, otherwise I am happy to wonder around, sun bake, sniff out the yard and love finding treats my foster mum is leaving out there.. Kinda like treasure hunting! Oh, & I love a good spa day.. Now don’t be alarmed, it won’t cost you a thing! I’ll be smitten, if you give me loads of pats, cuddles, brushes, & even a massage… Now who doesn’t love a good massage! My foster mum says I’m the cutest when I’ve stopped jumping around like a kangaroo & she loves cuddles as much as I do, saying that I am the biggest sook when all cuddly & looking for attention.

When I grow up, I want be an interior designer, I just love to rearrange/redecorate my bed, blankets & cushions… Even though my foster mum keeps interfering with my design, so annoying, she is such a helicopter mum!
Actually, my foster mum thinks I would win Gold for high jump… She asks me if I’m part kangaroo, ha! She is so crazy.. As if she has never seen a Beagle before?? I do make her laugh when I ”biong” from ground to couch, bed or couch to couch or anything really! When outside I use my super power to keep birds out of the yard.. Or taking clothes off the line/checking they are dry.. Apparently that’s cheeky, I call it helpful, you all whinge when we don’t help… Make up your mind!!

I am still a puppy, so I do need some guidance with my basic manners, training and being inside the house… My foster mum says I am doing really well and she knows how to persuade me, I think she knows my other super power, my nose and my love of food. She is always tricking me with treats to do things like sit, stay, eat, down, although she hasn’t mastered the “come here”, and “into bed Mia”  we ‘play’ chase around the coffee table and kitchen Island bench… she must love it as we do it every time at what she calls bedtime,  I’m super fast and use my kangaroo legs to “boing” over things to escape her!

Being a puppy and needing to still learn the proper social cues and getting overwhelmed with excitement, I may be more suited to older children or ones that can keep up with me and handle my playful, jumpy nature. I do require help getting into the car, as I dont really like them.. but I am ok going for drives, but if its for long drives, then please give me something to do and restrain me (safety first) as I may get a little bored and cheeky in the back seat. My foster mum seat belts me in to the back seat and gives me a couple of my favourite toys to keep me occupied!

So, like a good profile on a dating site… I love long walks, to anywhere… love to hang out at the beach or socialising at the doggy parks, really anything that involves fun and you! I am fit, social and love all types so come and say hi, ask for an application and adopt me…

Mia is now on trial with a lovely family… adoption pending.

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