Caboose and Foxy Lady

Caboose and Foxy Lady

Caboose and Foxy Lady are Beagliers and have been in long term foster care since they were we saved them from a puppy mill in conjunction with the RSPCA after an investigation we instigated, this is still an ongoing investigation.

Caboose and Foxy Lady were both in extremely poor condition when they came into our care and have both had around 7-9 litters of puppies at 5-6 years of age.

They were terrified of people and could not even be patted due to their fear.

The girls cannot be separated as they have been caged their whole lives before we got them and they do not cope when apart. Cassie has a serious heart condition which has been caused by the excessive breeding and has been on medication for 4 months now after seeing our heart specialist,

Caboose also has this condition and before long she will also require this medication, at $140 for 50 days. Both girls will remain in foster long term while they continue to heal and overcome from their past, we are looking for a sponsor for the girls to help assist with their ongoing costs.