Molly is adopted

Hi, my name is Molly… I arrived at 9 weeks old, I am now 10 weeks…

My foster mum has been keeping me to herself to allow me to settle in and begin all my visits with the doggy Doctor that I will need to be ready to be adopted, this is what she tells everyone… but I think 🤔 she wants to keep me all to herself and not share.

The reason I have come into care is due to my human mummy being very ill and on top of that she became allergic to me, it was heartbreaking for all my humans and of course me… 😢 My human mummy just wants what is best for me and we (my foster mummy and me) have promised her that we will find the most pawfect furever home 🏡 of course even more pawfect than I had originally… I was so spoilt, so my standards are pretty high… I hope yours are too!

Who wants to know more about me?  I am Beagle x Cavalier King Charles, unless you ask my foster mum… she says I am Raptor x T Rex (don’t ask her, she watches too many Dinosaur movies) 🦖🦕 Although she says Dinosaurs are cute and really, you cannot get any cuter than me… so maybe I am part Dinosaur!

I love life, I am super brave (esp when hiding behind my foster mummy or daddy) I can be a little independent unless I need help but it’s ok as I have great communication skills!
I love my two foster siblings… esp now that they are playing with me, they took a little while to get used to me being so small and ninja style but now we wrestle like those humans on tv. I have also been busy trying to make friends and play with the other Beagle that lives here but this one has claws that are super sharp and she doesn’t use her words like I do… she makes a funny noise like “hisssss” 🐱🐈

So, more about me… my foster mummy introduced me to a doggy pool just the other day, now I say “introduced me” lightly… she and my foster daddy plopped me in whilst videoing and laughing… but I am getting the last laugh as I now jump in every time I go down stairs esp at 10pm when I should have been doing my bed time wees 😉 I love my toys, I love playing tug of war, fetch and all sorts of games, my favourite toys are the squeaky ones…

I am learning loads, I now know how to go up and down stairs, I can sleep through the night now, I am doing well with my toileting esp for my age… my foster mummy goes silly with clapping and cheering me when I toilet where I am supposed to. I have learned to sit for my meals, snacks and treats, oh and I am learning social skills esp with my big foster sister Maggie as one minute she wants to play and next minute she doesn’t… but she is more tolerant and plays with me more than my cranky older brother Moose.

I will be hanging out for a little while, as I will be visiting the doggy doctor a few times to make sure I am fully vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and up to date with all my heart worm, worming and flea/tick treatments.👩🏼‍⚕️ Once this is completed I will be ready to meet my humans and doggy friends out in the big wide world! My adoption fee will be $1100.


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