Oscar is adopted

Hello my human friends, my name is Oscar and I am a 10 month old Beagle boy.

🐶 Oscar is still looking for his furever 🏡

Hello my human friends, my name is Oscar and I am a 10 month old Beagle boy. I bet you’re wondering how a perfectly young and handsome puppy has ended up in the foster system… well grab a wine and let me tell you, so according to the humans I have a very high energy level and can get bored easily… well if you ask me, and my foster mum said I have to be honest at all times… it is true, like the energiser Bunny I am highly energetic but is there anything too shocking about that, considering I am only 10 months and a Beagle? No, I don’t think so… I have been to puppy preschool and I also go to puppy daycare and I love it!! But, when I get bored and lonely outside in my yard…I may, kinda, sorta get myself into a little bit of mischief. So, I do need some guidance and training with my humans..  But who wants to hear about those boring things, let’s hear all the wonderful good things about me instead…

So, I love long walks along the beach, to the dog park and wherever really.. I do tend to pull on lead, but again isn’t that a typical Beagle trait?  I do now have a super great harness and lead which is helping me walk like a man! I LOVE to play, I have a few favourite toys, I love to run with my furry mates, I love to play and I am super social with all humans great and small and all furries.. except those nasty looking tree furries (mum calls them Possums or something).  I am talented at adjusting my play to suit my friends, and I can also be respectful towards humans.. with no jumping up. I am super smart, very healthy, loving, gentle and full of life! Oh and I have manners and I know basic commands and even a few tricks!

I am toilet trained, I love going for road trips… I lived with a cat, and have learnt to respect their space! My foster mum also has a cat… what is with those feline things, why do the humans need them when they have us? I have no problems with loud noises, oh and I love to help my mum with the washing, I don’t know why humans think its a chore… I LOVE to take the clothes off the line… I’m thinking I should be getting some doggy money for my good behaviour! (Foster mum hasn’t seen this behaviour) I would prefer to be inside with my humans, I have lived most of my time outside… so I would rather the company of my humans up on the couch for popcorn and a movie, also would love to rough and tumble with a furry sibling too!

Ok, so the Beagle traits… well der, I am a digger… but, I am burying my bones…. (Foster carer hasn’t seen this behaviour) I don’t escape, yes I chew, but again I am only a puppy… I love to chew sticks, sometimes I may mistake a stick for a piece of outdoor furniture… (Foster carer hasn’t seen this behaviour) or have you heard about those exploding beds… they should be reported, I stand with my fellow Beagles and say, it is not us… it has to be a fault in the manufacturing!  I don’t bark excessively, but will say ‘hi’ to my furry friends if they walk past my house… I scoff my food… hmmm food! my favourite treat is those yummy pig’s ears. I don’t like the water, I love the beach but I haven’t tried swimming yet.. I don’t like baths or those girly mani and pedi things… ewww!

So enough about me, let’s get together and see where this goes, I have been to the doggy doctor 👩‍⚕️ and I am ready to mingle… Contact those gorgeous humans at BRQ and leave your email address so they can send you the application to make me yours! My adoption fee will be discussed with potential adopting families…

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