Raggy is adopted

Hi my name is Ragnar but please call me Raggy, everyone else does… 🐶 and I prefer it!

We want Raggy to find his furever home, he has been in care since August… He is 13 months old and has had 5 homes including 2 failed trials, this has caused Raggy to have anxiety, lack of trust and love in his hoomans 🙁  He needs strong guidance, structure, routine, rules and most of all LOVE… just like those cheeky small hoomans!  

With all this in mind we have reduced his adoption fee to $400. Please help us help Raggy find his furever home!  

 Hi my name is Ragnar but please call me Raggy, everyone else does… and I prefer it!  I am super fun loving puppy, who once was a pack of 3 puppies in BRQ care about 9 months ago…and here I am again, without my 2 other amigos. I have come back in to BRQ’s care due to my energy levels being pretty high, but hey, I am still a puppy!! The other reason is my humans are having a baby soon, so they are worried about having less time for him once the human puppy comes along!  Want to know a funny thing though, guess where I am for foster care….. ha! I am back hanging out with one of my siblings, Thor… but apparently his name is now Buddy, but hey I am over the moon and excited to see him again. 

So let’s get to know me… I am happy, energetic, and very loveable…. I don’t scoff my food, nor am I aggressive with my meals… but I can be little over treats and toys…  All my life, I have had my 2 siblings from the pack and then once adopted I had my adopted sister to hang out with, so I don’t like to be left alone but hey, who does?? So, I would love a play mate again, or I wouldn’t mind being the centre of attention where I don’t have to share my toys, as long as my family is active, will play with me, and let me inside to snuggle and just be with the hoomans. 

I love a dog house, that I can call my own… as I do like my “me time” – I love walks, and playing tug of war.  I can be a little mischievous and chew a little if I get bored.. BUT nothing like my foster brother does… ummm mahhhh! 

I am sure I will grow out of this soon, as I am still of course a puppy and I do like the extra stimulation and activities.  I don’t bark very often but I am guilty of a little whimpering if you leave me along without a partner in crime to hang out with… So, as I mentioned before… I am full of energy and love to play, go for walks, i love to meet humans, furry friends… I love to chase and run with my mates… I play well with bigger and older dogs, as I can be a little cheeky and dominate the smaller ones… I need a mate who can keep up with me.  

I am all for a bath as long as its a warm one, I like to be pampered, I also like my mani and pedis…. I am toilet and house trained, I am an inside and outside doggie, I sleep inside at night… I definitely prefer the inside, but really anywhere where my humans are!  My favourite things are my sandpit, I do like to chew things as my foster mum said above, but I am also learning to chew things I am allowed to… I love to socialise at the doggy park and love the beach… oh and I also love to treasure hunt, my owners would hide treats/food in the yard for me to hunting! 

As I am still a puppy and learning life… I can get myself into trouble… I am a digger, but it’s not to escape… I love hunting for worms and lizards, I don’t try to escape I have a weakness for toilet paper, ripping things up and stealing things… but of course its all fun and games when you chase me! I need some training, some guidelines… and as said before, I can be a little dominating towards my furry friends… So I need a furry friend that I cannot get too bossy with or be a single furry member who has humans around me constantly to keep me from getting bored… I also need some strong tough love, who will continue my training to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around me and help me learn to share my toys.. 

I am a beautiful shade of Tan and White with freckles, I am also a rather tall Beagle but I know all the girlies love a tall man…. I have heard from humans that they think I am going to be stunning in looks as I grow into an adult and of course I have the personality to match.  So I have been to see the vets, I am now up to date with everything and ready to mingle… So contact the humans, ask for an application and give them your email address. 

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