Ruby is adopted

Hi, my name is Ruby… I am a 5 year old Beagle x Cavalier.

Don’t you love my name? How appropriate is it? Considering my gorgeous Ruby Red colour, if i say so myself.  oh, and how cute are my white tip tail and my white angle sock feet?
So, a little bit about me… my hobbies include, sniffing, chewing and eating…. Surprised? No, you shouldn’t be as I am part Beagle after all, but don’t let that put you off… the good parts are all Cavalier, like snuggles and my playful nature.
I enjoy long walks, short walks and walks to anywhere with you… but again don’t be surprised if I pull you here and there and over there and back here for that sniffy wiffy smell! I am also great in the car, i start out by looking out the windows and dreaming of where we are going, and eventually I lay down and am so patient whilst we get to where ever we are going! I get super excited and want to get out straight away, so my foster mum uses a seat belt with me, you know as Safety must come first!
My other likes are chasing balls, toys with squeakers… I am a little obsessed with them, all toys are mine and the squeaky ones I destroy first, plus I also love chilling on the couch and I have a fascination for cow hooves and goat horns… oh and I love wondering around the backyard sniffing, and rolling around in all the smelly things I can find… my foster mum thinks I am just scratching my back till she gets a wiff of me!!

Now, for some truths… don’t judge, we all have skeletons! I can get a little nervous around small children, I think it’s because I find them intimidating so I would prefer older families only please. I am an absolute sweetheart, and very affectionate and love cuddles and kisses with my human but once I let my guard down… as they say once bitten twice shy… That phrase is so true!

The reason why i was surrendered was because when my furry brother came along, I felt a little intimidated and I tried to be the alpha, as I was once before “he” came along and ruined a perfectly good family!! Men, hey??? But, as he was a little bigger than me, ok ok ALOT bigger than me, I didn’t win the ‘discussion’. So now, I would prefer to be the only furry one in the family… besides a Cat, I can handle them now… at first i was a little scared and would growl and bark at my foster mum’s cat but now I am super brave and the felines do not bother me…

So there it is, all about me… I love to be with my humans, whatever they are doing as long as it’s with me… which means I am so loyal and loving!! I am de-sexed, microchipped, up to date with all vaccinations and Flea/Worm preventatives…so I am good for adopting!  My adoption fee is $300.

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