Ruby is now adopted

Hi, My name is Ruby and I am a young 8 year old Beaglier. Now, just because my Ball chasing days are over, doesn’t mean I’m ready for retirement. I get my exercise from chasing my foster mum’s cat, “it” thinks just because she looks like a tri colour Beagle I won’t notice the difference, silly cat! But, don’t worry… once I get too close, I back up because that’s when Poppet shows me that she really is a cat…. those claws!! 

Now, I do have to explain, even though I am perfect, I do have ONE bad habit… I don’t walk well on the lead, but i know that is no shock to any of you… I am half Beagle and half Cavalier, both of these breeds are known for following their noses and being inpatient and needing to get to EVERYWHERE and meet EVERYONE and ANYONE!! 

As most Beagles and Cavaliers love socialising, I am definitely in when anyone says “Let’s go”… I am so easy going, I don’t mind where we go as long as I can visit furry and human friends, as I love to meet new and old friends, I love them all, furry or not (unlike my foster mum… she prefers the furry over the human)!

Ok, so let’s talk about my likes… I love meeting new and old friends, the more the better! I also enjoy patrolling the perimeter of any yard, or any dog park… Oh and I love to sniff out anything hiding in the bushes, (clearly that’s my Beagle side…) I love going to the beach, I love long walks to anywhere. Now, don’t go all judgy on me, but I also love to sleep, a lot! I just love to snooze, if you could…so would you, my foster mum enjoys a good snooze too! Let me tell you a little secret, the best spots to do the snoozing is, super soft spots, sunny spots, and my all time favourite spot… next to you with my head on your lap! I also dont mind curling up on the couch with a good movie, have you all seen “A Dog’s Purpose”? LOVE that movie… Otherwise, I can snooze anywhere as long as I am at your feet or just in sight of you. I don’t have separation anxiety, of course I am a little sad when you leave, but gees I get super excited when you return, watch my captain feather sword tail wag.. that will show you and course my gorgeous smile. 

See, I’m not too fussy, or high maintenance, I just love company, I love to snooze, socialise, sniff and snuggle…. how simple… so who would like to adopt me? 

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