Sadie is now adopted

Hi, my name is Sadie and I am a vibrant, bouncy, happy 18 month old Girl…

I love life, I love EVERYTHING & EVERYONE, I am very affectionate, can be a little needy but my bubbly personality is my best feature. Oh wait, no, my best feature is my energy level – but of course you would know that since A) I am a Beagle and B) I am only 18months old… I have basic manners, I shake hands… my foster mum is helping me learn to wait at meal times by sitting and staying and waiting for that dreaded “GO” word… gees, she loves to drag it out!! 

I am not really fussed on that “DOG” food, especially treats…and I know the trick of giving me a treat and disappearing… it doesn’t work on me… that treat will still be here when you return, but I don’t have an issue helping you eat your human food… unfortunately, my foster mum doesn’t see it that way… so when i have no choice I will eat my food, and I am liking what my foster mummy feeds me… so that helps!

Please don’t judge me as I do get a little nervous and anxious when you leave me (it hasn’t helped with the 3 different homes, this is my 4th i have had in my short life) and my foster mum thinks its the same reason why I don’t like car rides very much… I need to be either crated, or my foster mum uses a seat belt in the back seat to help keep me settled as I pace and cry a little… I am hoping to get better when I start to have more fun trips to places I like, can explore and make it all worth getting into that horrible 4 wheel thing… and become more trusting of my humans. BUT I love to get out the car and go exploring, I went to the Redcliffe Markets on the weekend, I was so excited to meet people, bounce around and I even heard a human compliment me on how happy I looked.  I quietly laid in a freagle position in front of Aunty Christine’s stall and had loads of compliments and pats from more humans who just loved me… and why wouldn’t they??  My foster mum said I walked on the lead really well but she did comment on the zig zagging we were doing, I thought to myself… well that was her fault for taking me to a place with so many wonderful smells, humans and furry friends to meet. Plus for a Beagle, Zig zagging is our ‘straight’. 

My likes are pretty simple and typical of the Beagle… I love walks, adventures, playing with my friends, and snuggles as I’m super affectionate. Toys confuse me, as I don’t know what they are for… I like to steal them but then I don’t know what to do with them so I just put them down. Maybe you could teach me? I do like to chase, I do like to be chased.. my foster furry brother is now my bestie as he is exactly like me, full of fun, loves to play and loves to chase and be chased.. he’s like me but a boy version! I have come from a home full of kitty cats, to my foster home with another cat.. this one plays back with me. so thats pretty cool! 

I am up to date with all vaccinations, I am microchipped, heart worm tested, on all my monthly preventives and have just been desexed, as in just today… so whilst I recover quietly, my foster mummy is finding me the perfect home just as i deserve. Applications are open, so throw them at her and lets get together… my adoption fee is $750

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