Zala is adopted

 I bat my eyes lashes, wag my tail & strut in to foster care like I own the place…Hi, my name is Zala, I am an 18 month old gorgeous pedigree Beagle girl, & I am super sweet & affectionate… 🐶 just ask me! I have entered the big wide world of rescue due to my humans moving overseas to Canada… way too cold for me, so I ditched them & I am now looking for a new place to call home! 🏡 oh and my stuffed toys, esp Monkey…he is my favourite, I carry him everywhere, so you will need to make room for all of us! 

So, let’s get together over a bowl of our favourite treats & get to know one another… I’ll start first, my likes are pretty simple & easily achieved… I love wiggly, stop for sniffs walks, adventures to the beach 🏖, the doggy parks, & snuggles as I’m super affectionate. I love life, I love EVERYTHING & EVERYONE, I am very affectionate, I am curious, my bubbly personality is my best feature. Oh wait, no, my best feature is my energy level – but of course you would know that since a) I am a Beagle and b) I am only 18 months old… I have basic manners & I have a few tricks up my sleeve to impress you with, my foster mum is impressed with how I can sit, wait for the word “GO” to eat my food… She can put my bowl down on the floor, go from the kitchen to the laundry 🧺  & back again and I am still waiting patiently for that one little command to eat my dinner… pretty impressive hey? 

I love all doggy furiends & I am looking for a furiend who is also into toy play 😉 to have some fun with.. my favourite games are chasing, playing with my toys, carrying my stuffed toys around with me & running around the backyard… are these yours too?? I was definitely a spoilt Beagle at my original home 🏡  & now in my foster home….so I & BRQ would prefer a home where I can be the same spoilt Beagle I have become accustomed to be. I love my inside time, as much as I love my outside time… a nice big backyard for loads of sniffing, wandering & for running around… I also love my hooman time, couch time, comfy bed time, is there anything better than snuggling whilst we catch up on our favourite tv shows…& of course, I am toilet 🚽  & house trained. I would prefer a home with another doggy friend &/or human kiddies to play with, as I love the attention & fun of running around with them. 🐶🐶

I am super friendly, I love life, I love everyone & everything & everybody is my friend, humans big or small, I can be super patient & tolerant with the small hoomans, I will make them happy when they are crying as I am super placid & will give them cuddles… 🤗 or I nudge them for a pat! My foster mum says I am super smart, as I can pick her hand up to make her scratch me & I love sitting on her lap for cuddles. 🤗 I am the most happy go lucky Beagle girl you will ever meet, I love life, I love to play and I’m super active! Now, lets get real, I do have all the typical Beagle puppy traits, mostly good, but yes some of the ones you humans get all judgey over & facebook shame us for!  So yes, I dig… I have one hole at my foster mummy’s home that I created, I treasure it, I lay beside it & watch it, I store my toys in it… 🧸 I race around it, I just love it so much… as for the chewing, I may, sorta, kinda, chew things I am not allowed to but I am sure you have a bad habit or two too & I am pretty sure you all know what we Beagles are known for… if not…go google us, after all I am only 18 months old! 👩‍💻 

My foster mum has a couple of those feline 4 legged things… 🐈 she calls Cats, but they won’t come out to play with me… my foster mum thinks I would be ok with them… but we are unsure as I am super curious, as I am also known to chase & catch birds in the yard.  I am located in Brisbane, on the northside… I am just about to go visit the Dogtor 👩‍⚕️ for all my checks.. once done, I will be ready for meeting, greeting & smooching my new hoomans. Let the girls know if you are interested in getting to know me better, leave your email address so they can send you the forms. My adoption fee of $750 includes all vet work, check ups, up to date on all vaccinations, heart worm test & treatment & Intestinal worming, Flea & Tick treatments. 🥰🐶


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