Zelda is now adopted

Hi, my name is Zelda, my foster mum calls me Zelly… I am 8 months young and super adorable!

Due to no fault of my own, I have ended up in BRQ care… my humans are very unwell and wanted nothing but the bestest furever home BRQ can find for me. 

I am the most happy go lucky puppy you will ever meet, I love life, I love to play and I’m super active! Now, lets get real, I do have all the typical Beagle puppy traits, mostly good, but yes some of the ones you humans get all judgey over and facebook shame us for!  So yes, I dig… and I chew things, I sniff everything and will ignore you if I am on a scent… but isn’t it rude to interrupt someone when they are in the middle of something? I love food, although my foster mum has noticed I can be a little fussy although I am new here and still learning.  I must say though in my defence, my digging and chewing has decreased as I get older and here I have 4 other Beagles to play with and keep me out of trouble… although Moose is teaching me a few “other” habits but don’t tell Mum. I am also learning to toilet downstairs and get myself through the night without having to go downstairs, my foster mum wishes this sooner as it’s fxxxing cold at 2/3am (her words, I’m too young to say those naughty words) 

As I said before, I love to play, I love to meet anyone and everyone… I am great around those other four legged furries, foster mum calls them Cats but I really have no idea what they are except they do have sharp claws or so I have heard from Moose and Sadie… I love humans, not fussy on size! Im super affectionate, I love cuddles, snuggles on the couch, a scratch a belly rub.. all the usual Beaglely LOVE and I am not super needy, I do like my independence and personal space! 

So who would like to give me that ‘bestest furever home”… Just waiting on my Vetting appointment, then I am ready for our next adventure… My adoption fee is $1100

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